Iran-Europe Trade Exceeds $8.8 bln in 7 Months

Iran-Europe Trade Exceeds $8.8 bln in 7 Months

Spokesperson for Iran’s Customs Office Ruhollah Latifi said the value of trade between Iran and Europe exceeded $8,807 million in a period of seven months, from March 20 to October 21.

The volume of bilateral trade in the said period stood at over 15.9 million tons, he added.

He said Iran has exported more than 5.605 million tons of goods to the European countries in the 7-month period, worth $2.066 billion.

Turkey has been the main European destination for Iranian exports in the past seven months with more than $1.489 billion in purchases from Iran, followed by Russia, Germany, and Italy, Latifi noted.

Iran has exported goods to 37 European countries and has imported commodities from 44 states, he added.

In comments in September, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called for the promotion of economic ties with European countries, stressing that bilateral trade should not be affected by the illegal and unilateral US sanctions.

Publish Date : 2020/11/21