Iran Exports Over $241mln of Cucurbits, Vegetables in 5 Months

Iran Exports Over $241mln of Cucurbits, Vegetables in 5 Months

IRICA Spokesman Rouhollah Latifi said that total exports of cucurbits and vegetables had topped 1.94 million metric tons in the first five months of the Iranian calendar year (ending August 21).

Latifi said that the country enjoys a good share of the global trade of such produces which is nearly $3 billion per year.

“Iran is the fifth leading exporter in the world and the largest in West Asia of gourd family fruits and other vegetables,” he added.

The official said that Iraq, the UAE and Oman are the main consumers of the Iranian summer fruits and vegetables, adding, however, that crops are exported to countries as far as Europe, North America and Australia.

Iran has increasingly relied on exports of agrifood in recent years to offset the impacts of American sanctions on its sale of crude.

According to government figures booming exports and better weather conditions caused the Iranian agriculture sector to expand by nearly 10 percent in the fiscal year ending late March 2020.

In relevant remarks last week, Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade announced that the country’s foreign trade amounted to $24.6 billion during the first five months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20- August 21).

The ministry’s report added that $10,900,000,000 of the mentioned value was related to exports.

“From among 52 million tons of goods worth $24,600,000,000, exports shared 38 million tons worth $10,900,000,000 and imports had the share of 13.8 million tons worth $13,700,000,000,” it noted.

Iran’s trade exchanges with foreign countries reached 9,822,000 tons worth $5,037,000,000 during the last Iranian year (ended March 19, 2020).

China with 2,195,000 tons worth $566m, Iraq with1,420,000 tons worth $441m, UAE with 1,324,000 tons worth $338m, Afghanistan with 514,000 tons worth $158m and Turkey with 226,000 tons worth $108m were Iran’s five main export destinations.

China, UAE, Turkey, India and Germany were the main countries from which Iran imported goods.

Publish Date : 2020/09/13